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Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. An Amazon expert, her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, and the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.
2022 Amazon News About Referral and FBA Fee Increase

Amazon Hikes Referral And FBA Fees For 2022

This week, Amazon announced that starting January 18, 2022, it would be adjusting FBA fulfillment fees to help offset its now-increased operating costs. Although Amazon pointed out that these fees are still an average of 30% less costly than if sellers attempted to fulfill their own orders, the fee increase is still extremely high, at […] Read More

Amazon Updates Program Policies

Amazon Updates Program Policies

Heads up! On 15th November 2021, Amazon announced that it plans to change its program policies concerning all European Amazon sellers using features or services covered by said policies. While the current information about these updates is fairly vague, they have gone on record to say that these updates will constitute significant alterations to Amazon’s policies, so […] Read More

Amazon Increases FBA Storage Capacity and Increases Restock Limits

Amazon Increases FBA Capacity and Restock Limits

On November 8th, Amazon announced that additional FBA storage capacity for UK and EU sellers has now gone live. In 2020, Amazon increased the square footage of its fulfillment and logistics network. This year, it has opened 10 new UK and EU fulfillment centers, with 7 centers starting operations in September. With this increase in […] Read More

Amazon Launches New Dashboard for Returns Performance

Amazon Launches New Dashboard for Returns Performance

Amazon has recently launched an up-to-date dashboard displaying Returns Performance to help sellers monitor their returns statistics as well as to proactively address problems for manually managed returns. The dashboard provides sellers more insight into their returns while focusing on three vital metrics for returns performance. These include: All of these performance metrics contain details of the metric performance, […] Read More

The End Of Rebates Two-Steps URLs Other Search Rank Manipulation

The End Of Rebates, Two-Steps URLs, & Other Search Rank Manipulation

Amazon has just made an unconventional announcement via one of its Forum Moderators (which we’ll circle back to in just a minute) to clarify the rules of its Seller Code of Conduct, which aims to combat the reportedly increasing amount of sales rank manipulation. Recently, Amazon noted that it had received many inquiries about its incentive […] Read More

New Amazon Carrier Tracking Requirements and OOS Listing Discoverability Updates

New Carrier Tracking Requirements & Improving OOS Listing Discoverability

As of November 1, 2021, all FBA sellers who create non-partnered carrier shipments will need to supply the name of their chosen carrier and a tracking ID should the carrier provide it, thanks to new requirements from Amazon, which it claims will help to improve the receiving process. This recent change is something that was […] Read More