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Recover more profit with industry-leading Amazon inventory management and
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Inventory Command Center

Monitor inventory health with vital KPIs, alerts, and widgets to highlight potential issues.

FBA Size Tier Optimizer

Right-size products and packaging across your entire catalog to save on FBA storage and shipping fees.

Overstock Fees Dashboard

Aggregate potential overstock risks to avoid surprise storage fees in the US market.

Inventory Age Tracking

Flags products that have been in stock for extended periods to avoid extra storage fees.

Stockout Risk Analyzer

Identify sales lost due to stockout, ASINs at risk to identify causes and take action before it’s too late.

Master Carton Calculator

Refactor total cartons and total pallets to reduce carton and pallet storage and shipping costs.

Capacity Manager

Factor storage capacity into your forecasts to avoid stockouts and overstocking.

Bulk Receiving

Efficiently manage inventory as it arrives at 3PL warehouses using a streamlined import page.

Advanced Forecasting

Use detailed forecast modeling to get 100% visibility into future sales and align your marketing strategy with your inventory.

Reorder and Transfer Alerts

Reorder point calculations determine when to reorder inventory based on sales velocity and send alerts or reorder or transfer inventory.

Seasonality Forecasts

Factor seasonality in your forecast to avoid stockouts and unnecessary fees due to overstocking.

Safety Stock Calculations

Prevent stockouts by maintaining  buffer stock and min-max parameters for restocking.

Custom Dashboards

Build, save and export  custom dashboards to get quick insights into the numbers you care the most about.

Multi-Location Management

Simplifies inventory management across multiple warehouses and marketplaces.

Inventory/Marketing Sync

Access inventory timelines and customized reports to avoid marketing yourself into a stockout.

Historical Sales Data Analysis

View past sales data for each product to analyze and spot trends.

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory levels across all locations and marketplaces.

Shipment Tracking

Monitor the whereabouts of your inventory shipments.

Lead Time Management

Customize supplier product delivery durations.

Purchase Order Management

Streamlines the purchase order process. Manage and track your purchase orders in one dashboard.

Work Order Management

Manage tasks such as inventory transfers and FBA shipments.

Supplier Management

Facilitates storing and managing supplier details.

Inventory Valuation

Display the total value of stock based on costs of goods.


Group products by categories, such as seasonality or product lines, then use the tags to create dashboards, reports, and forecasts.

Customer Orders

View, edit, and report on your customer orders. Disable Removal Orders so they don’t count towards velocity.

Bundling Analytics

Get insights into the frequently purchased products and forecast bundling opportunities.

Inventory Minded Marketing

Beta: Sync ad costs with inventory, including sell-through rates, storage fees, and stockouts, to better inform your marketing strategy.

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I like the combination feature. I can ship by ocean and a little bit by air to keep in stock.

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Norm Farrar Private Label Legion



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Do you support Pan-European (including the new Brexit update) and the NARF Program?
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Do you support Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)?
Can we merge multiple SKUs into one ASIN to prevent double-counting inventory?
Does your software support Amazon Restock Limits?
Can you assign multiple suppliers and warehouses to a product?

Saves me so much time. Reliable customer support allows my VA to learn without my help.

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