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Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. An Amazon expert, her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, and the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.
Amazon Attribution Makes For More Effective Marketing Tool

Amazon Attribution Update Makes for a More Effective Sales Tool

Great news for sellers using Amazon Attribution to drive external traffic to Amazon! 🥳 The tech giant has reportedly rolled out a new Amazon Attribution feature that will replace the previously featured competitor ads placed at the top of your listing with other popular products from your own store. 🔥 This means an increase in brand awareness and new cross-selling opportunities […] Read More

SoStocked Software Updates For August 2022

Software Updates For August 2022

We are excited to fill you in on all of the new changes in SoStocked, so let’s get right to it… 🥳NEW RELEASE SoStocked Joins the Carbon6 Family We are excited to announce that SoStocked has recently become a part of the Carbon6 family! This is very good news for you, our SoStocked users! Our roadmap and […] Read More

Amazon Streamlines Inventory Reports With All In One Ledger

Amazon Releases Inventory Ledger to Streamline Inventory Data Reports

Simplify the way you view all your inventory movements! 🚀 Amazon UK announced the roll out of their new Inventory Ledger report that will help you check your Amazon-fulfilled inventory more efficiently. This all-in-one report offers you: You can use the new Inventory Ledger to also spot any discrepancies in your inventory balances that could have occurred in the previous months, […] Read More

Amazon Suspension Risk For The Uninsured

Updated: Amazon Suspension Risk For The Uninsured

UPDATE 08/02/22: A win for sellers! Amazon has reversed its recent policy change requiring sellers earning under $1M in sales to obtain a $0 deductible insurance plan citing the challenges they face in procuring zero-deductible policies as the primary reason for the reversal. Less than 2 months ago, we told you about changes to the A-to-Z Guarantee. Well, a lot has […] Read More

Amazon Plans To Hold 2nd Prime Day October 2022

Amazon Plans to Hold 2nd Prime Day in October

Leaked files seen by the Business Insider (BI) show that Amazon may be planning a second Prime Day in the fall to boost growth. Amazon Is Looking to Replicate Prime Day 2022 Success Prime Day 2022 results are out, and Digital Commerce 360 estimates that the eComm giant made $12.09B globally during the 2-day extravaganza that ran […] Read More

UPS Shipping Limits For Amazon Threaten Q4 Deliveries

UPS Shipping Limits for Amazon Threaten to Delay Holiday Deliveries

⚠️ Brace for potential delivery delays in Q4 as UPS places shipping limits on Amazon to pursue more profitable shipments, such as B2B. Sudden Drop in eCommerce Parcel Volume After experiencing a surge in revenue and parcel deliveries in 2020 and 2021, the average US daily volume for UPS dropped 4% during the second quarter of 2022. […] Read More

Shopify Lays Off 10 Percent Of Workforce Causing Stock To Drop

Shopify Shares Down By 14% After Laying Off 10% of Their Employees

Shopify suffered a major blow as shares of the company dipped by 14% on Tuesday. 📉 Earlier that day, Shopify founder and CEO Tobi Lütke sent a heartfelt memo to the company about the immediate changes regarding their personnel. “Shopify has to go through a reduction in workforce that will see about 10% leave by the end of […] Read More


SoStocked Joins the Carbon6 Family Shortening the Timeline to Future Innovations

It’s been a challenge keeping this under wraps but we’re finally ready to announce that SoStocked has recently become a part of the Carbon6 family. The SoStocked team and leadership aren’t going anywhere. In fact, several SoStocked execs and I are even stepping into advisory roles within Carbon6 to help to bring more value across the entirety of […] Read More