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Amazon HTML Converter Tool

Amazon Product Description HTML Converter Tool

After Amazon announced the ban of Amazon HTML descriptions for products (more on that below), my team and I created the Amazon HTML Converter tool to help get things updated into the new format.

The Amazon HTML Converter is a free tool that helps you quickly convert your Amazon Description HTML from the old format to the new format.

1. Copy/paste your current Amazon HTML into this tool

2. Set the rules you would like to automatically apply using the tool.

For example, you can replace paragraph tags <p> with line breaks tags <br>, or replace bold tags <b> with UPPERCASE letters.

3. Copy the converted HTML and paste it back into your Amazon HTML product description.

Watch the video tutorial above to learn more, or continue reading to learn more about the Banned Amazon Product Description HTML announcement.

Banned Amazon Product Description HTML

Banned Amazon Product Description HTML

Amazon announced that they would no longer display HTML tags on product detail pages after June 8, 2021, for the UK and July 30, 2021, for the US

Amazon announced that it would no longer parse and display HTML tags on product detail pages after June 8, 2021, for the UK and July 17, 2021, for the US. However, Amazon recently extended the US deadline to July 30th, 2021.

For example, if Amazon sellers have an HTML tag on a product description, the HTML tag will be stripped and displayed without the HTML formatting.

Updating product listings to account for this change will be a nightmare for many Amazon sellers – myself included 😫 – some who have thousands of Amazon listings containing HTML.

We all used paragraph <p> tags to make our listing more readable and bold tags <b> to make key benefits sell. Paragraph tags are also crucial in creating bulleted lists of features or benefits in the product description which is a great way to make these points stand out.

Using HTML in product descriptions is something I’ve taught in my copywriting presentations and that I use in my own copywriting clients’ listings because, quite simply, it increases sales. Heck, Amazon instructs it in its webinars.

That’s why I’m a bit shocked that Amazon is banning support of HTML on detail pages. Removing HTML from sellers’ product detail pages is a bit like declawing Wolverine. HTML gave sellers a fighting chance to stand out from others.

I’m also surprised because a better-crafted product page makes more money for Amazon too. And if Amazon sellers chose not to remove their HTML tags and then Amazon resorts to automatically removing the HTML, product descriptions will be ugly blocks of text!


Amazon says they’re no longer supporting HTML on product descriptions and detail pages for security reasons and because they want to offer a better experience to non-HTML devices.

These reasons don’t quite make sense to us. I’m not quite sure how it could be a security risk to properly format sales copy and I’m not sure how offering a better experience to the handful of non-HTML devices (whoever in this world is using those 🤪), while creating a worse experience for the myriad of HTML devices is a good idea. 🤷🏽‍♀️

We could hypothesize all sorts of alternate reasons behind the change such as a push to get everyone onto A+ (and possibly then to start charging for it), but all that would be just theories until we see it play out.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There is a rumor of Amazon making an exception for the “line break” HTML tag <br>.

Our programmers have already built a free tool to help Amazon sellers update their product listing into the new format. It’s a Copy/Paste HTML product description converter tool (shown at the top of this page) that enables sellers to quickly update their product listings into the new format. For example, replacing paragraph tags <p> with line break tags <br>.

Example Of Converting Paragraphs To Line Breaks In Amazon Product Description HTML

Give the Amazon HTML converter tool a try at the top of this page.

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We’re still hoping Amazon changes its minds about the HTML ban🤞, so we’re not updating any of our product listings until we get closer to the deadline.

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Amazon Product Description HTML Converter Tool