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Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. An Amazon expert, her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, and the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.
To Complete With Amazon Shopify Introduces YouTube Live Shopping Integration

Shopify Introduces YouTube Shopping Integration to Compete in Live Commerce

Canadian tech giant Shopify continues to challenge Amazon’s dominance over the US eCommerce market, from acquiring Deliverr to offer 1- to 2-day shipping to recently teaming up with YouTube to allow merchants to directly link their stores and sell products on the video platform. Shopify Gets on the Live Commerce Trend On July 19, Shopify launched YouTube Shopping to make it […] Read More

Amazon Continues To Dominate B2B Businesss To Business Sales

Amazon Continues to Dominate B2B While Shopify Plays Catch-Up

Seven years after its launch in 2015, Amazon Business has grown to be the leading B2B online marketplace for business buyers. 🚀 In its first year, the eComm giant made $1B from selling office supplies. In year three, the annual sales reached $10B, which drew the attention of Bank of America securities analyst Justin Post. “While […] Read More

Amazon Feight Discruption As Truckers Protest AB5

Freight Disruption at Port of Oakland as California Truckers Protest AB5

Watch out, folks! 📢 More shipment delays may be expected as more than a hundred protesters – composed of truck drivers who own and operate their own rigs – descended upon the Port of Oakland on Monday to challenge the California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5). The protests prevented other trucks from entering the port, resulting in […] Read More

Amzon To Reduce Their Private Label Catalog Regulatory Pressure

Amazon Reduces Their Private Label Catalog Amid Mounting Regulatory Pressure

Amazon is reportedly reducing the number of items and categories under its private label (PL) business by more than half due to poor sales, and as we assume, the impending antitrust bill. 🤔 Inflation Takes its Toll on Amazon and Consumers The decision to scale back Amazon’s PL selection came after a profitability review by Dave Clark, former […] Read More

Amazon Discounts on EU UK Partner Carrier Fees

Discounts on EU/UK Amazon Partner Carrier Fees

Possibly some good news for UK/EU sellers… 🇬🇧🇪🇺 From July 2022 to April 12, 2023, you can take advantage of the following fee reductions: The fee reductions sure sound attractive, especially with the recent increases in shipping and FBA fulfillment costs. 🤔 Why the sudden generosity? This move might be Amazon’s attempt to: All this aside, however, UK […] Read More

New Amazon Hack To Find High Demand Low Competition Products

Amazon Intros New Hack to Find High-Demand, No-Competition B2B Products

Want to expand your catalog with new B2B products? 💰 Amazon just launched a new ASINs Recommendations Page for its selling partners in the UK. Designed to help you find your next best seller, the page offers a list of products that many business customers are looking for but aren’t currently available on Amazon. It also provides you […] Read More

Amazon Inventory Software Updates July 2022

Software Updates For July 2022

We hope everyone is having a fantastic and profitable summer so far and getting ready for Prime Day! We have some big, exciting changes coming to SoStocked very soon so be sure to follow along with our updates. Here’s what we have this month… 🥳NEW RELEASE Merge Shipments With this new feature you can merge […] Read More

Amazon Bans Multicolored and Non Transparent Bags

Amazon’s Recent Ban on Mylar Bags and Other Potentially At Risk Products

Amazon just announced that multicolored and non-transparent Mylar bags must be pulled out from their store effective August 5, 2022. 😲 Affected FBA sellers with leftover stock of these bags in Amazon warehouses are advised to file a request for removal no more than 30 days after the announcement was made in order to have their unsold Mylar bags returned […] Read More

Amazon Offers Signature Confirmation to Minimize Lost Orders

Reduce Losses Due to INR Scams with Amazon’s Signature Confirmation

Have you ever issued a refund to a false Item Not Received (INR) claim? 🤔 INR scam, or Lost Parcel scam, is when an abuser submits false claims for a refund or replacement order – for example, claiming that the product they bought online did not arrive (although it did), which gives them a reason to ask […] Read More

Amazon Size Standards To Ensure Consistent Quantity

Amazon Implements Size Normalization to Ensure Consistency Across Detail Pages

In yet another move to provide customers with a more consistent shopping experience, Amazon has standardized the size and quantity information format for several product types. What is Size Normalization? It is about making sure that data types like the size and quantity information of a particular product sold by different sellers are organized to appear […] Read More