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Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. An Amazon expert, her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, and the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.
Amazon Egypt Marketplace Now Open For Business

Amazon Egypt Now Open For Business

With its launch on September 1, Amazon Egypt became the e-commerce giant’s 20th global marketplace, while its new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) logistics center in the country is the first of its kind in Africa. Until now, the leading online shopping platform in Egypt was, which Amazon had acquired for $580 million back in […] Read More

Amazon Sellers Are Suffering Significant Drops In Restock Limits

Why Have Amazon Sellers Suffered a Significant Drop in Restock Limits?

Many sellers have seen sudden restock limit decreases of up to 70% despite strong sales! What’s going on? There’s been chatter among sellers and influencers about Amazon revising restock limits in the US marketplace. The restock limit reductions reportedly range from 6% to 70%, putting affected sellers at risk of going over the limit earlier […] Read More

SoStocked Amazon Inventory Management Software Prices Increase September 17 2021

SoStocked Prices Increasing After Friday, September 17th, 2021

UPDATE: We had so many people reaching out that we extended the price increase through Midnight on Monday, September 20th, 2021. But that’s it! After that, prices are going WAY up and the Unlimited Plan (Unlimited Orders, Unlimited SKUs etc…) and locking in grandfathered lifetime pricing is going away forever! Get The Unlimited Plan Here ➜ If you’re still […] Read More

Amazon Search Suppressing Products With Titles That Violate Guidelines

Amazon Search Shadowban For Products That Violate Title Guidelines

While most Amazon sellers are familiar with suppressed listings, which hide listings from shoppers that do not meet Amazon’s product information standards, many may not be aware of the search suppression Amazon imposes on listings with titles that do not meet its guidelines. What is Search Suppression? Think along the lines of what we see […] Read More

Amazon Posts Can Now Appear On Your Product Pages

Your Amazon Posts Can Now Appear On Your Product Detail Pages

Posts is Amazon’s new advertising tool that helps drive your brand awareness and increase the likelihood of product discovery and consideration by providing shoppers with a curated selection of lifestyle imagery via a shoppable news feed. While Posts is currently undergoing beta testing, when launched, the new platform aims to allow sellers to attract shoppers […] Read More

How To Avoid The Amazon CRaP List

Stay Off The Amazon CRaP List

Ever heard of the Amazon CRaP List? You don’t want to be on it. Keep reading for tips to avoid it and learn better ways to manage unprofitable products. Read More

Amazon Grade And Resell Program

Amazon Grade And Resell Program Rolled Out To Reduce FBA Waste

In a bid to reduce the negative environmental impacts of its e-commerce business model and stop perfectly good, returned items from unnecessarily becoming trash, Amazon has recently launched Grade and Resell. The new initiative, which is now live in the UK, makes it possible for third-party sellers to sell items that have been returned through […] Read More