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Boost Conversions with Amazon’s New A/B Testing Features

Boost Conversions with Amazon’s New A/B Testing Features

Amazon continues to roll out new tools to help you manage and optimize your content more efficiently! 🚀

Unveiled at the Accelerate event on September 15, you can now use these new A/B Testing features to update your product listings with winning content. 🤩

  • Title and image notifications. Run A/B tests on your titles and main images to see which version performs best. You will also receive an alert for content that’s too similar to your existing content so you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure maximum conversion. 
  • Recommendation system for images and titles. Review Amazon’s best recommendations for product images and titles to increase your conversion rate.
  • Auto-publish winning content. Amazon will automatically publish title and image experiments that are at least 66% better than the other versions, thereby reducing the time spent updating your product listing. 

With these new Manage Your Experiments features, it’s now easier to test more content and convert traffic from hundreds of millions of Amazon shoppers.

Go to Manage Experiments to get started.

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