Amazon Inventory Answers

Ask Chelsea an inventory question, or read her Amazon inventory answers to commonly asked inventory management, tracking, forecasting, warehousing, and shipping questions. Read More

Amazon Inventory Impact On Ranking Products

The Amazon inventory impact on ranking products depends on your business model. Learn what your options are if you stock out for different business models, and learn why some sellers prefer to stock out. Bonus: learn how to never run out of stock! Read More

Marketing On Amazon

You just can’t throw money at marketing and hope. You need to know how to squeeze out as much profit as possible each time you press the marketing lever to gain an advantage over the competition. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this post – … Read More

SoStocked Review 2021: An In-Depth Look + Demo

Dive into this SoStocked Review with co-founder, Chelsea Cohen, and take an in-depth (and up-to-date) look at our Amazon inventory management software that forecasts and tracks inventory. We’ll go over the highlights, who it’s for, who it’s not for, customer feedback, pros, cons, alternatives, integrations, … Read More

7 Amazon Inventory Tips

Amazon sellers often avoid one of the best ways to optimize profits. Inventory management. They avoid it because it can be a nightmare to manage without the right Amazon inventory tips and techniques. Read More

Best Practices for Managing Amazon Logistics

Sellers cannot function without Amazon logistics. And one of the many keys to achieving success lies in learning and adopting the best Amazon inventory management and cash flow strategies. Learn about the best Amazon logistics, metrics, and practices that really matter. Read More

Amazon Supplier Negotiation Strategy

Negotiating and settling on a price is one of the trickiest parts of the Amazon product sourcing process. If you can’t bargain well with an Amazon supplier negotiation strategy, you’ll find yourself paying thousands of dollars more than you need to ... Read More

Product Sourcing Amazon: 5 Ways To Save Thousands

As Amazon sellers, we tend to get into bad habits when it comes to managing logistics. You may be proficient in skills related to product design and marketing, and you may have figured out the best practices for increasing your sell-through and ... Read More

3PL Logistics Backup For Amazon

Now Amazon sellers must consider a 3PL logistics backup for Amazon due to the massive shift in demand patterns, the Amazon IPI score threshold requirements, and Amazon’s seller policies. It is clear that Amazon is carefully nudging sellers out of its fulfillment centers and trying … Read More

NEW FEATURE: Factor Amazon Restock Limits Into Forecasts

NEW FEATURE: Factor Amazon Restock Limits Into Forecasts