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Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen is an Amazon seller, speaker & consultant. An Amazon expert, her regular clients include 7 & 8-figure sellers. She has been featured on AM/PM Podcast, 7-Figure Sellers Summit, and the Prosper Show & Amazing Summit stages, among others.
Amazon Seller News Announcements

Amazon Seller News

Read the latest Amazon seller news about new requirements, new tools offered by Amazon, Amazon seller facts, and other important Amazon updates. Read More

Ecommerce Update: Amazon’s Apparel Success, Shein’s Flexport Alliance, and the Fight Against Fakes

In this week’s post, we’re diving into some major developments in online retail that are shaping the eCommerce landscape. First up, we’ll explore how Amazon has regained its position as America’s most-shopped clothing and footwear retailer. Then, we’ll look into Shein’s new partnership with Flexport for fulfillment services. Flexport, already a key player for merchants […] Read More

Amazon Update Alert: Essential Changes for Sellers

Stay ahead of the curve with our latest roundup of Amazon updates! 🙌 We review the major changes to the UK Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees, ensuring you have clarity on your costs and can make informed decisions about your fulfillment strategies.  Additionally, we highlight essential Amazon policy updates that could impact your selling journey, emphasizing the […] Read More

Ecomm Battle: How Temu Might Compete with Amazon in the US Market

Temu represents a fresh wave of Chinese eCommerce entrants reshaping Western markets. Since its September 2022 launch in the US, it has expanded to 56 countries. With monthly sales surpassing US$2 billion and showing steady growth, Temu is making significant strides in the global eCommerce arena. Behind Temu’s Meteoric Rise in the US Introduced by […] Read More

Amazon’s Classified Operation: The Covert Hunt for Rival Intel

In the heart of Seattle’s Denny Triangle, Amazon’s clandestine subsidiary, Big River Services International, operates under the guise of a bustling ecommerce enterprise, the Wall Street Journal reports, republished on But behind this facade lies a secretive mission: Project Curiosity. Since its inception in 2015, Project Curiosity has orchestrated stealthy corporate strategies aimed at […] Read More

Key Revelations in Jassy’s Shareholder Update and their Impact on Sellers

In his annual letter to Amazon shareholders released April 11, CEO Andy Jassy expressed even greater enthusiasm for Amazon’s future, citing a remarkable 12% increase in revenue for 2023. The letter also covered “continued customer experience improvements across our businesses,” including the transformative potential of Generative AI and the advantages of Amazon’s regionalized warehouse network. […] Read More

Amazon in the Crosshairs: Unveiling Recent Legal Turmoil

In recent developments, Amazon finds itself amidst several controversies, highlighting various concerns across different fronts. From owing over $500 million for patent infringement to facing scrutiny over FDA warning letters, the eComm giant is in hot water.  Moreover, Amazon’s legal battles extend globally, with fines in Poland for deceptive practices and regulatory investigations in the […] Read More

Top Amazon Policy Updates You Can’t Afford to Miss as a Seller

From postponing new fees to implementing stricter safety standards, sellers continue to have to navigate through Amazon’s ever-changing policies. For some product categories, Amazon is implementing compliance changes, including one for dietary supplements that became effective immediately upon release of the policy. Be sure you are prepared for these changes. Read on to learn more […] Read More

Empowering Small Businesses: Understanding the UK Procurement Act

With the introduction of the UK Procurement Act, a new era of opportunity has emerged for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) businesses in the UK. Let’s delve into what the UK Procurement Act entails, and the significant implications and benefits it offers for SMEs across the country. This effort demonstrates Britain’s commitment to strengthening this […] Read More

Amazon’s Latest Moves: MYCE Tool Closure, Sustainability Accelerator, and Mexico Expansion

Amazon Update! Let’s go! First up, the Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) tool for brands has been discontinued. What should you do now and next? Brand owners with early-stage EU businesses can join the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator program, offering valuable opportunities for growth and sustainability initiatives. For Amazon Business sellers: Amazon Business launches in Mexico, […] Read More