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Amazon Unveils New Affordable Shopping Hub Just in Time for Holidays

Amazon Unveils New Affordable Shopping Hub Just in Time for Holidays

To better serve customers during these challenging times marked by record-breaking inflation, the eCommerce giant introduced Amazon Access, a resource hub for easier and more affordable shopping on đź’°

What is Amazon Access?

Amazon Access is Amazon’s newest hub packed with resources to help customers discover ways that they can shop and save more on Amazon. These resources include information on Amazon’s various flexible payment options, discounts offers, and programs designed for a more budget-friendly shopping experience.

The cost-saving features and benefits of the new program include:

SNAP EBT payments

Customers holding a valid SNAP EBT card can now order their essential goods and grocery items from, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market using their SNAP funds. 

With the exception of customers from Alaska, this option is available for customers from the remaining 49 states. They can also take advantage of Amazon’s fast and free delivery service for qualifying orders.

Amazon Layaway

Amazon Layaway allows customers to pay for their purchases over an extended period of time without incurring huge interest fees or going through stringent credit checks. Under this program, customers only have to pay 20% of their total purchase amount to reserve items and lock in their price. The remaining 80% is then paid over time; product to be delivered once paid in full. 

Prime Access for less

Qualified US customers who receive government subsidy can take advantage of a discounted Amazon Prime membership amounting to only $6.99 per month – an $8 monthly savings compared to the regular Amazon Prime membership cost.

Prime Member discounts

Aside from getting Prime for more than 50% off its current price, qualified customers can also enjoy more discounts on home products, get access to clip coupons, save up to 15% on various products with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, and enjoy free shipping on auto-deliveries of certain items. 

Pay and pick-up your way

Customers without a credit or debit card can still shop from and pay with Amazon Cash. They can also opt to pick up their goods from an Amazon Hub Locker or Hub Counter. 

30-day free trial

US customers can try out Amazon Access for free for 30 days. After the 30-day period has passed, they can simply register by uploading a valid proof of their identification or government benefits documents.

Why Did Amazon Launch Amazon Access

It probably goes without saying that Amazon came up with Amazon Access not only to serve Prime members but also to gain more customers!

Here are the top three reasons why Amazon decided to introduce this hub at this time:

Increase Prime membership

Amazon Access can be viewed as the retailer’s latest attempt to attract more customers to sign up to Amazon Prime.

By making Prime’s benefits more accessible to a wider range of consumers, Amazon can ensure the program’s profitability. In case you’ve forgotten, the company increased Prime’s subscription fee from $119 to $139 last February (the original fee when it was launched was $79).

Boost 2nd Prime Day profits

In light of the upcoming Prime Early Access Sale, Amazon is also probably looking to maximize its revenue from the two-day sale event. The more customers who are subscribed to Prime by that time, the higher their sales and profits will be.

Response to inflation-weary consumers

Consumers are on the lookout for the biggest bargains and discounts during times of economic turmoil, and this time is no different.

The US inflation rate of 8.3% for August 2022 may have improved from July’s 8.5%, but it was still higher than the forecasted rate of 8.1%. Economists predict an average rate of inflation of 2.4% from 2022 through 2026, with this year being the worst of it. They also expect inflation to return to its normal rate next year and beyond, thanks to the central bank’s interest rate increases. 

Take Advantage of Amazon Access

In these tough economic times, people continue to spend on essential goods, but cut back on wants, or at least wait for the next big sales event. 

But with Amazon Access, the tech giant can make a wide selection of goods affordable, allowing them to encourage more customers to shop on its retail site and essentially help sellers keep making bank.

To finish the year strong, take advantage of the sudden demand increase that Amazon Access may create by offering discounts, flexible payment options, and promotions, especially on basic must-haves. Just make sure you have enough inventory for this new demand to stay in stock. đź’Ş

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