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Amazon Now Allowing Email Marketing Campaigns to Repeat Customers

Amazon Now Allowing Email Marketing Campaigns to Repeat Customers

Amazon makes huge strides in its Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) tool to help brand-registered sellers expand their email marketing reach. 🔥

Amazon Tailored Audiences

On September 14th, at its annual seller conference, Accelerate, the eComm giant unveiled Amazon Tailored Audiences, a free email marketing tool within MYCE, which allows sellers to set up email promotional campaigns for three new audience types.

Aside from brand followers, you will now be able to send email marketing messages to your:

  • Repeat customers. Customers who have ordered your products more than once in the last 12 months.
  • Recent customers. The most recent 20% of shoppers who have bought from your registered brand.
  • Biggest spenders. The highest spending 25% of your customers in the last 12 months.

Other features include:

  • Option to select a specific audience type
  • Enhanced email templates
  • Custom HTML content
  • Monitoring tools to track your campaign’s key performance metrics like emails delivered, open rate, click-through rate, opt-out rate, sales, and conversion

With expanded email marketing capabilities, you will have more control over how you engage your customers, build brand loyalty, or increase product visibility and sales – for example, remarketing to recent buyers, allowing for more specific messaging and upselling. 🥳

Amazon is Breaking its Own Rules

As you know, Amazon has strict guidelines for communicating with buyers to prevent fraud and unethical competitor actions.

For example, you may only send Permitted Messages to previous customers and those who have contacted you about buying a product. Or, as mentioned earlier, send marketing emails to your brand followers, making it difficult for you to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with other types of audiences.

But with the launch of Tailored Audiences, the rules have changed. Amazon may have decided to make this move to:

There’s one drawback, however. Directly sending promotional emails to more customers could lead to a lot of spam. If you send too many emails, people may get overwhelmed and decide to unsubscribe. A high opt-out rate may result in Amazon reducing your campaign reach or suspending your campaign. ⚠️

Be sure to follow customer engagement best practices to minimize your opt-out rate and to stay compliant with Amazon’s communication guidelines.

Amazon Tailored Audiences is currently in beta and is expected to roll out more broadly in 2023. Check out Customer Engagement Tailored Audiences for more information.

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