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Free Amazon Master Carton Calculator Tool To Optimize Your Packaging

We’re proud to introduce our new free Amazon Master Carton Calculator tool to optimize your packaging, reduce shipping/handling, and storage costs for increased profitability.🚀

We call it profit optimization across the supply chain. It means maximizing your units per carton and per pallet to disburse carton and pallet fees across as many units as possible. 

By shipping and storing fewer total cartons and pallets, you can find yourself saving a ton on freight & storage costs, and other expenses. 

Take our free Master Carton Calculator Tool for a test drive to find out how much of your profit you can recover with simple carton and pallet reconfiguration.

  • Calculate how many units you can fit per carton and pallet
  • Determine your potential per carton and per pallet savings
  • Print a Comprehensive Packaging Blueprint and Savings Report
  • Provide the blueprint to your supplier to start saving on your next order

Learn moreMaster Carton Calculator Tool 

In these crazy times, when it is getting harder to make a profit, let alone have the cash flow to scale quickly, packaging optimization is a game-changer for your company’s profitability. 💪

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