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Amazon Updates Program Policies

Amazon Updates Program Policies

Heads up! On 15th November 2021, Amazon announced that it plans to change its program policies concerning all European Amazon sellers using features or services covered by said policies. While the current information about these updates is fairly vague, they have gone on record to say that these updates will constitute significant alterations to Amazon’s policies, so you should make yourself aware of the changes accordingly.

The following updates will come into effect starting on 30th November 2021:

Amazon will be updating policies relating to its Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) program, including clarifications pertaining to specific operational characteristics of the MCF program.

Amazon will also be clarifying program policies for Account Health Monitoring; Category, Product and Content Restrictions; and Order Defect Rate so that they align with the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement (BSA).

Additionally, the following updates will come into effect starting on 15th December 2021:

Amazon will add its current FBA required removals page to the list of program policies and update the policy to establish a shorter seven-day period (instead of the previous policy of 30 days) for sellers to remove FBA inventory that is unfulfillable due to its expiration date from Amazon’s fulfillment centers as soon as Amazon notifies sellers.

Amazon notes that it is shortening the period of notice for expiration-dated products to stop products from expiring while sitting in its fulfillment centers, allowing Amazon to donate more inventory should sellers decide they do not wish to have it removed. Sellers should adjust their preferences for the automated removal of their unfulfillable inventory in their FBA settings accordingly.

Finally, the following updates will come into effect starting on 10th January 2022:

Amazon is updating its Amazon Renewed Programme Terms so that it reflects new mandates in the EU and UK relating to mobile phones, which require diagnostic tests that ensure all devices’ data sanitization (erasing data from the previous owner) and functionality standards are up to par. Moreover, Amazon Renewed sellers must produce official mobile phone test records when necessary to be submitted for periodic inventory audits.

With these new policy changes coming into effect, you should familiarize yourself with the updates as Amazon begins rolling them out in the next month and a half.

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