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The Problem with Popular Amazon Keyword Research Solved

The Importance of Keyword Research​

Visibility on Amazon really boils down to one key variable: keywords. It’s how customers find and buy products on Amazon – the largest commerce platform ever to exist. It’s difficult to really stress the importance of keywords. The formula for success on Amazon (if you will) is actually quite simple and should be a key driver in your business. It boils down to: Keywords > Visibility > Revenue

The Evolution of Keyword Research

Keyword research has evolved immensely for Amazon FBA sellers. Keyword research has had quite humble and time-intensive beginnings – sellers used to rely on autosuggest searches and would actually harvest their keywords from PPC campaigns!

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case for today’s FBA brands. They can now tap into powerful tools with insightful metrics and in-depth data analysis. Additionally, Amazon has extended a data ‘olive branch’ with Brand Analytics. This real, actionable, and updated Amazon data at the keyword level helps brands make informed decisions like never before.

However, the vastness of options (in tools, methodologies, etc.) has created a challenge of complexity for most Amazon sellers. In short, there’s so much you can do in your keyword research efforts. But you should constantly be asking “Is this truly necessary to complete expert-level research?”

My recommendation is simple: we want our keyword research to first be effective, and second, efficient.

Think: Is it better than the keyword research that my competitors are completing? Can it be completed quickly and simply?

If the answer to both of these questions is no, it’s time to rethink how you’re completing keyword research – and the tools you are using to do so.

Must-Haves in Your Keyword Research

So what are your must-haves when conducting keyword research? With my recommendations in mind, you want to ensure the source of data you are using is the best it can possibly be.

When you are evaluating a data source, it’s important to keep in mind two things:

  • SOPs
  • Hiring VAs
  • Launching
  • Ranking
  • etc…

We like to think of this as how ‘fresh’ the data is!

Brand Analytics is such a powerful data source because it provides us not only insightful raw data (directly from Amazon) but also informs data we already have!

It’s also vital that you do not conduct your keyword research in a vacuum. The best keyword research in the world has zero benefits unless it becomes part of your overall optimization strategy. Are you incorporating these insights into your listing optimization, PPC strategy, or off-Amazon (external traffic) efforts?

You’ll probably realize right away that your current keyword research efforts likely do not account for (or even simply centralize) these must-haves and best practices.

At Seller.Tools, we took this opportunity to take the next step in evolving keyword research to actually make it useful, insightful, and accessible.

Enter R2A.

R2A: The Superior Reverse ASIN Tool

R2A (or Real Reverse ASIN) was a hit when it officially went live just a few years ago.

The Reverse ASIN keyword research methodology was always an intuitive approach. It just makes sense to gather all keywords an ASIN ranks for, and then analyze those keywords further.

However, with R2A’s fresh data and exceptional logic (R2A only displays higher quality keywords, so there’s no need to sift through low-ranking keywords!), it was a breath of fresh air for many sellers. The Reverse ASIN process is elevated with R2A to conduct data analysis for you, AND turn those insights into actions.

First, we’ve incorporated the most powerful keyword data available to Amazon sellers now: Brand Analytics.

Without it, your keyword research is ineffective. If you have to add another step to your keyword research process to get access to it, your workflow is now inefficient.

Remember our criteria and questions above? Effective and efficient our keyword research must be (Yoda tip of the cap).

And, just as important, R2A answers the big question of ‘what next’ when conducting your keyword research. The tools you might be utilizing now could literally have revenue-gushing keywords sitting right in front of you, but you may have no idea how you’re performing and have no idea exactly what to do next.

With R2A, your current problem is solved using ‘Compare My ASIN’. Keyword insights are transformed into revenue when you see how your ASIN stacks up to keywords by evaluating your ASIN score (referred to as ‘My ASIN Score’). What do you want to see?

See the picture below.

Keyword prioritization is as simple as this:

  • Our top competitors all rank for this keyword (100% keyword density)
  • It shows up in all 3 data sources (Brand Analytics, Sponsored Ads and AMZ Report Card)
  • Our ASIN Performance section shows this keyword is a ‘STARS’: we are running a Sponsored ad for that keyword, we’re Tracking it in our Keyword Manager (you’re actively managing that keyword), it’s in AMZ Report Card, we’re Ranking for that keyword, and we’re Successfully outranking our top competitors

Pretty neat right? We quickly see that a keyword is both important AND that we are making the most of our efforts to win the keyword market share for both our paid and organic efforts.

Rinse and repeat for all your ASINs and enjoy this competitive advantage. It’s a great time to be an Amazon seller when some of your highest value activities and variables (such as keywords) can be gobbled up in just 5 minutes. There is beauty to both the simplicity and the power.

So what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to leapfrog any competitors using outdated keyword research methods, strategies or tools.