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Amazon Increases FBA Storage Capacity and Increases Restock Limits

Amazon Increases FBA Capacity and Restock Limits

On November 8th, Amazon announced that additional FBA storage capacity for UK and EU sellers has now gone live.

In 2020, Amazon increased the square footage of its fulfillment and logistics network. This year, it has opened 10 new UK and EU fulfillment centers, with 7 centers starting operations in September.

With this increase in FBA capacity, Amazon says, sellers can expect to see an increase in their restock limits as well. Amazon encouraged its seller network to review and streamline inventory and optimize product selection in preparation for the upcoming peak demand season – including eliminating any inventory that hasn’t been selling well.

Responses from FBA sellers on Amazon forums were a mixed bag. Some had indeed seen an increase in their restock limits, while others had seen no change yet. Many commented that while their restock limits had increased, their storage volume had remained the same, rendering the restock limit increase useless. Of course, those challenges would only face sellers whose IPI scores are below 450.

Other UK sellers mentioned that they had already been blessed with unlimited storage prior to the update, but have their fingers crossed that Amazon won’t retract its new increased restock limits in the coming weeks or months. In its announcement, Amazon itself warned sellers that new waves of COVID restrictions and other unexpected events could force them to “adjust” their plan.

On the U.S. side of things, sellers in the States saw a sudden decrease in their restock limits in September, with reductions ranging from 6% to 70%. However, since Amazon often launches policy updates in the EU and UK before introducing them in the U.S., stateside sellers may hope for an increase in their restock limits there as well in the near future. They even mentioned at their recent Amazon Accelerate event in October that the plan to get rid of restock limits altogether, though we aren’t holding our breath on the promise just yet.

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