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About SoStocked Company and Co-Founder Chelsea Cohen


Hey, Chelsea Cohen
here, co-founder of

I have been successfully selling on Amazon since 2014. I’ve been featured on stages and podcasts, teaching people how to significantly increase their traffic and conversions with Amazon-specific copywriting techniques. But in 2018 the one recurring challenge I kept experiencing in my business wasn’t marketing. It was inventory management.

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Chelsea Cohen co founder of SoStocked


Some of the most costly mistakes I’d made in my Amazon businesses had been over-ordering inventory and ordering / transferring too late.

Not to mention it was a nightmare to manage with spreadsheets and software that just didn’t work. Short on time? Click the video thumbnail above to get a quick glimpse into why I created I spent five years jumping from spreadsheets to Airtable to other software tools. But nothing worked the way it needed to. Spreadsheet/Airtable were time-consuming, clunky, and prone to human error. And other software algorithms were hard to understand and trust and weren’t customizable enough. They were too “one-size-fits-all” but really didn’t work uniformly for all products in my business.

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Chelsea Cohen co founder of SoStocked

If you’re short on time, this video will give you a quick glimpse into why I create


I knew that if I didn't solved this problem quickly, I'd find myself snowed under.That’s why I created is software for Amazon sellers who needed a better Amazon inventory management, forecasting, and tracking system – something that can be fine-tuned and customized to fit any Amazon business. I guess it’s both the artist and accountant in me that needed something that was fully customizable and fully understandable. Stemming from my six years as an artist in film and writing, I wanted the creative control to fine-tune things to my specific needs. Simultaneously, my four years at an accounting firm meant I wouldn’t trust the numbers unless I could see and make sense of them.

The combined “artist and accountant” methodology certainly struck a chord with other Amazon sellers as well. SoStocked officially launched in 2019 to only a handful of beta testers, but in 2021 had achieved the 1,000 paying customers milestone! Sidenote: Click on the video above to see me hustling in the early days to get early adopters to start using SoStocked. We had offered lower prices to beta testers in exchange for their feedback, insights, and patience! 🙂

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User Feedback

Here’s a quick video of me hustling to get early adopters to start using SoStocked!


Since the beginning in 2018, our SoStocked team has always worked closely with 6, 7 & 8-figure sellers to create and develope our unique platform.

What made SoStocked different is that it ditched the algorithm-based ideas, which tons of sellers would try but would then quickly abandon for trusty spreadsheets they could understand and customize. We figured out what was causing sellers to return to spreadsheets and then baked that into the SoStocked software.

We ultimately put the control back in sellers' hands so that inventory forecasting and management with SoStocked could be fully customizable and fully understandable. We worked directly with sellers to gather feedback and are continually developing and improving based on that direct seller feedback.

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User Feedback


For that reason, our growth has been powered by word-of-mouth and promoted by influential Amazon seller communities.

Some of the seller communities included Titan Network, Million Dollar Sellers Group, and eCommerce Fuel. As the Amazon seller community helps us grow, we continue to reinvest everything back into growing the SoStocked team and software features. Our team is about 15 strong now and we’ve even been able to hire my husband Ari, who works full-time giving software demonstrations and helping to get new customers get onboarded and set up successfully.

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